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Image by Yuichi Kageyama
Short Stories

Letting go....(See you at 3:00)

Sun is hot and we play all day

Fun started at the end of May

Planting a garden and watching it grow

Laying in the grass with the bugs aglow

Sleeping late and picnics for lunch

Hugs from my son, he loves me a bunch

Look Mother, a picture I painted for you

with orange flowers, green grass and sky of blue.

Oh wait, I must add a rainbow too!

I watch him paint his, eye brow up and tongue sticking out

"Helps me concentrate", he says with a smile and never a pout.

Starting all day school, I smile how can that be?

It seems just yesterday he was three.

He started school then, just a few hours a day

We miss him anytime he is away

The past three years he attended a special class

He wasn't always able to walk in the grass

He wears braces on his legs and he runs kind of slow

Will the other children be kind? I need to know.

This time he leaves early, won't be back until 3:00

I feel like a baby, now it's me not we.

That first day Dad will be there too

He always knows just what to do.

Our son is eager to go and meet new friends

I want him to grow and to learn and to blend

I worry a little as each mother would

I want to go with him, and that's no good

The time has come for letting go

He is ready, this I know.

This year he will attend regular class

20 children his age, he will have a blast

Also ready to ride the Big Bus

Eating lunch at school, not with us.

I don't want him to see the fear in my eyes

The ache in my heart and tremble inside

It's too late he already knows.

He hugs me tight before he goes 

"Don't worry Mom, I'm a tough little guy"

The time has come to say good-bye

"I know" I say and hug him tight

"Don't worry about me, I'm alright"

Oh the tears I fight 

New friends say hello as he sits in his seat

A big-boy world he is ready to meet

warm hands on my shoulders to comfort me

"We love you honey, see you at 3:00"

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