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My Perfect Son Has

Cerebral Palsy

A Mother's Guide of Helpful Hints
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"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your thoughts and insights on raising such a beautiful child. I felt your book was very moving and would be cherished by other parents who have been blessed enough to be sent a child with special needs. I often tell people that my patients are my heroes. They are my spiritual leaders, gurus, and I think Jimmy is the true personification of those statements... Required reading for all my students."

Dr. Chuck Dietzen
Medical Director - Easter Seals Crossroads

Founder - Timmy Global Health

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About the author

Marie Kennedy has spent more than 25 years as a dedicated mother to her son Jimmy who overcomes cerebral palsy by his attitude, perseverance, and understanding of the challenges he faces everyday. She is also the proud wife of Chooch Kennedy, who is responsible for the strength and accountability Jimmy shows in everything he does. She is honored to have written her book "My Perfect Son Has Cerebral Palsy" as a guide of helpful hints to comfort parents and assist medical professionals. But she is even more thrilled to have written a love story about her family to highlight Jimmy calling him "my joy, my strength, and the best of me."

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Short Stories & Other Writings

Jimmy's new shoes

Letting go... See you at 3:00



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